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Visit bet365 logo Betfair is in top 3 of the most popular websites for sport betting for the entire planet. Most specialists point as a main reason for the company’s big success the fact that it has always invested a lot in innovations and indeed, many of the functions we see for the first time in the industry had been firstly created by Betfair. The betting house has even won the English Queen’s award for innovation – one of the business awards with the biggest prestige on the Island. By all means, the most significant innovation that has been established by this gambling operator is the method to place bets in a completely new style or in other words, this style lets customers to bet against one each other (in this review we are going to tell you how this method actually works).

In Uganda, though, this betting page isn’t among the most popular places for sports betting, but during the last years the number of its users has increased, especially when more and more people have found out about the positive sides in betting against other users.

Registration and deposit

The bookie accepts all players from Uganda as long as they are of a legal age, so you can register 100% for free even now. For this purpose, click on the Join now button in the website and fill in the short form you are going to see. This form includes basic personal data such as names, birth date, country, post code and telephone number alongside with your future account data that includes user name, password, security question and answer to it, as well as the currency for managing your profile (in this betting page there isn’t a chance to for you to bet with UGX yet, but you can instead, bet with GBP or EUR).

You can make deposits with UGX, though, and after making the transaction your money will be automatically converted in the currency you have chosen during the registration. The deposit, itself, can be done via a debit or credit card (Visa or MasterCard), Western Union, an online wallet such as Neteller or some other from the available methods.

Sport betting

Betting exchange market

During the first 14 years after its establishment in 1999 year Betfair used to work only as a betting exchange market. This market represents the already mentioned method to place bets against other punters. What does the company in this case is to only regulate and organize the betting activity for the audience. In other words, in the betting exchange market the one that defines the odds isn’t the company, but the punters, themselves, by following the market rules.

There are two types of a sport bet in this betting exchange market:

  • Back – The well-known bet type we meet in the traditional betting pages – you place a bet in a certain market and you win if the market happens to become as your prediction says. For instance, by placing a Back bet for Over 2.5 scores in a football match, you will win in case there will be 3 or even more scores within the game.
  • Lay – The reverse bet where you will win in case the market happens to become not as your prediction says. For instance, if you place a Lay bet for Over 2.5 scores you will win in case there will be less than 2.5 scores – 2, 1 or 0 – within the game.

As a customer in this betting exchange market there are two options ahead of you when you want to place a bet:

  • To accept the most profitable personally for you odd that has been already offered by other punters. This is how the bet is placed immediately.
  • If this odd, though, doesn’t satisfy you, you can offer a more profitable one, but in this case you have to wait until someone accepts your offered odd.

The odds, alongside with the chance to place Lay bets are the main advantages in this betting exchange market when comparing it to the traditional bookies. The odds are higher due to one simple reason – they are not determined by the bookmaker and this is why we don’t see any profit margin included in them. It means that if the market determines equal chances for a certain bet with two possible outcomes, the odd for both of them will be 2.00.

If you wander what the betting exchange market will win in this case, the answer is the following: the company in this case wins from the commission that is 6.5%, but you will be charged with such commission only in case you have winning bets and the amount that is charged is the net profit. By the way, this is the starting level of the commission and if you are active in sport betting you are able to reduce it with up to 60%.

Betfair site


2013 year is an important year in Betfair history as this is when the website opened its bookie’s section that has started working alongside with the betting exchange market. In this page category the bets are placed through the standard well-known approach, but in general the odds in the betting exchange market are always higher in comparison to those from the bookie’s category, so we strongly recommend you to consider using the betting exchange market.

On the other side, the bookie’s category in the page might be very useful for the punters in those cases when the specific market doesn’t have enough liquidity in the betting exchange market or in other words, there are not enough people who would like to place bets on the market. Fortunately, this is the case only with some of the least popular markets or when the market has been just opened.


Both of the categories from this sport betting page offer bonuses for the Ugandan punters who open an account for the first time in this platform.

The betting exchange market will make you happy with 20 EUR risk-free bet that lets you make your first bet with this amount freely and confidently as to the fact that even if you lose your money, the company is going to give it back to you.

The bookie’s part (Sportsbook category) on the other hand, gives you 30 EUR in three free bets that are supposed to be at 10 EUR as an amount per bet if you initial deposit is at least 10 EUR.

There are many other hot bonuses and special promotions in this sport betting house and in addition to them, you are going to have at your disposal lots of offers in the rest of the gambling categories on the website.

Additional sport betting extras

Alongside with the bonuses the customers in this British gambling operator are offered with many other services and extras.

For example, the company provides live streaming of thousands of events from all around the world and from different sport disciplines every single month and this service is available in both – the Sportsbook and the betting exchange market.

Also, you can make a Cash Out for your bets in both of the betting categories of the gambling page.

Especially for the betting exchange market there is also a specific function called Price Rush. It lets you automatically check if there is a better offered odd in comparison to the one you have placed. In Sportsbook, on the other side, you can insure your multiple bets via the Acca Edge function where your bet is given back to you in case you have only one lost selection in your bet slip.


Casino and other gambling games

The casino has been almost always a companion service to the rest of the services offered in Betfair. The casino category was included in the company’s portfolio in 2006 year and it hasn’t stopped working even for a second. The entertainment you can get from this category includes more than 200 games that can be played via both – your computer or via specially tailored software for PC or in a form of a mobile application.

Most of the games are made by the well-known company Playtech, but other companies have their own contribution to the large abundance of this gambling operator’s casino portfolio. These offers are with interesting themes, high quality graphics and excellent audio sound – IGTm NetEnt, Leander and Odobo are only a few of them, but we have to mention some, right?

Yet, the games that we mostly like are in the Live Casino category of this betting platform. What is awesome in these games is the fact that you get the chance to enjoy one of the most realistic online casino experiences by watching the video streaming which is in real time as like from a real casino where we are used to see different games to be organized. And you can gamble in this amazing atmosphere while you are on your own computer or even on the go.

Besides the casino, this betting house has also an entire palette of other various gambling entertainments. It includes the following:

  • Virtual sports
  • Poker
  • Arcade games
  • Bingo
  • Pool betting
  • Many others

Mobile betting

For most of the services Betfair offers there are specially developed applications and all of the services can be used via the website mobile version, too. To use the mobile version you don’t have to download anything but simply to enter the page via your mobile device browser (regardless the type of your device).

The company is appreciated all around the world for its amazing mobile betting conditions and this is a fantastic thing for a country like Uganda where most of the punters place their bets via their smartphones.