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1xBet is the biggest bookmaker in the Commonwealth of Independent States and one of the biggest bookmakers among all of the countries outside Great Britain. Also, it is one of the most preferred sport betting websites among the African countries as during the last couple of years the betting company has advanced extremely significantly in the region and has added in its bunch of available payment methods the well-known systems for financial transactions in the continent – MTN Mobile Money and Airtel Money – plus all the currencies used in the African continent, including the UGX. The total number of the online customers registered in 1xBet has already reached a 7-digit number and meanwhile, many of them place their own bets in the thousands of the company’s betting shops.

This bookie isn’t big only when it comes to number of its customers, but also as to the range of the services it offers – no other bookie that works in Uganda doesn’t offer so many different methods to have fun. Of course, in the core of this fun sport betting plays the most significant role, respectively the live betting, too alongside with the chance to gamble on casino games, slots, poker, virtual sports, lottery, backgammon and many others.

In Uganda, 1xBet even offers a specially tailored regional website version, but we strongly recommend you to make a registration in the bookie’s official international platform which also accepts Ugandan punters and also allows you to bet in the Ugandan national currency. The regional version of the betting page provides only betting activity in sport events and here you are not going to find the rest of the gambling operator’s services we have listed above. Besides, in the Ugandan betting page the deposits and the withdrawals can be done only via the mobile payment methods offered by Airtel, while in the international version you can make financial transactions not only via Airtel Money, but also via MTN Mobile Money.

The established in 2007 year gambling house that is in a partnership with big football teams such as Tottenham and Cardiff City has a license from Curacao Island, which by the way, is a part of Kingdom of Netherlands, respectively belongs to the community of EU. Apart from this license, though, the betting house has also all the necessary papers and documents that allow it to operate in Uganda and that are provided by the National Gaming Board Uganda with a license number 0049.

The gambling company’s official address in our country is the following:

Advanced Gaming LTD Plot 21, Kanjokya Street, Kamwokya, Kampala, Uganda
Legacy House, Plot 28B Windsor Crescent, Kololo, P.O.. BOX 30330, Kampala


1. Opening and using an account in 1xBet Uganda
1.1. Registration in 1xBet Uganda
1.2. How to make changes in my account?
1.3. How to make withdrawals and deposits in 1xBet Uganda
1.4. How to use the services provided in 1xBet Uganda via SMS messages?
2. Sport betting
2.1. Betting markets and rate of the odds in 1xBet Uganda
2.2. Live betting
2.3. Extras and functions
3. Casino offers in 1xBet Uganda
4. Poker
5. Virtual sports
6. Jackpot Toto games
7. Lottery games
8. Bingo
9. Financial trading
10. Bonuses and promotions in 1xBet Uganda`
10.1. Offers on sport betting
10.2. Offers on casino and poker
11. Website customer experience and mobile application
12. 1xBet Uganda Customer Service & Support

Opening and using an account in 1xBet Uganda

Registration in 1xBet Uganda

In difference to the Ugandan website version where you have to fill in a registration form with half a dozen of fields, in the international version you can make a registration for several seconds only.

To do so you simply you need to press on the Registration button and then, to open the two drop down menus for nationality and currency in order to find the following things to select: Uganda and UGX (the Ugandan shieling).

If you wonder how exactly then you are going to enter your account if the company does not let you to select a user name or a password, the answer is simple, too – the Russian bookmaker’s software is going to create a user name made of randomly selected numbers, as well as a password.

If you make a registration via the Android or the iOS mobile app the bookie, by the way, have developed for its audience, you do not have to memorize any data, because they will be automatically saved in the application memory and then, every time you want to enter it, you will not have to enter anything. In case you register via the desktop version or the mobile browser website version, the bookmaker is going to provide you several options for recording your data to choose from, including to send you an e-mail with this data, an option to save it in a notepad file or simply to give them to you in a PNG file, which is a standard image file. The browsers also have the function to memorize your password, but we usually recommend punters not to do so and instead, to keep the login data written and saved somewhere else.

Besides this simultaneous one-click registration that is the fastest way to become a customer of this sport betting page in comparison to any other betting page on Ugandan territory, 1xBet provides you several more ways to open an account, including the following options:

Registration with telephone number which is method that requires you to confirm your telephone number in the end of the process
Registration with an e-mail address which is a method that comes with an instant confirmation after opening a link you will be sent to this same e-mail address by 1xBet Uganda

Registration with your profile in a social web like Facebook. This registration method lets you also to login 1xBet Uganda via your social web personal profile, too.

Opening an account with one click only, though, seems to be the most practical registration method, because you will have to enter lots of personal data in case you choose to register with your telephone number or your e-mail address. The simultaneous registration is going to help you to start betting in a fastest way while the additional personal data required to be registered in your account is ok to be entered later or in any convenient for you moment.

How to make changes in my account?

When you decide to complete your profile in 1xBet Uganda you can do so by opening the page called My Account from the website header and then, by clicking on the link Personal Profile in the menu located in the left side of the page. This simple procedure refers to the desktop computer version of the page, while in application the page where you can make changes in your account is a bit tougher to be found and you simply need to follow these steps in order to reach it:

1. Open the app
2. Click on the open to open the menu from the top left corner
3. Click on your account number which is placed in the top side of the menu that has appeared on your screen
4. Click on the small pencil icon located in the top right corner
5. Select “Edit personal account” (the other options are the following: “Change password” and “Change telephone number” and they can be also very useful for you).
6. Make the changes

How to make deposits and withdrawals in 1xBet Uganda?

From the total number of more than 200 methods for deposits and withdrawals in 1xBet a bit less than 30 of them are available for the Ugandan customers, but practically more than 95% of the punters from our county choose to deposit via the most popular local platforms for mobile payments which are the payment systems provided by the mobile operators MTN and Airtel.

It is not on mandatory, though, to become one of those 95% of the people – if you’ve got a bank card provided by Visa or Mastercad, as well as a registration and some available funds in any of the websites like Skrill, Perfect Money, EPAY, Neteller, EcoPayz and Payeer or you are an owner of the so popular during the last couple of years cryptocurrencies, you can freely forget about the location telecommunication companies and their payment systems.

Even though the punters who prefer to make financial transactions through these several of payment methods are not so many, it is always preferable to have some other options for funding your account in mind. And as to this benefit 1xBet Uganda gains lots of strong points in comparison to its competitors which literally and mostly offer only Airtel and MTN in their pages for deposits and withdrawals.

One of the reasons that might make you to select any of these alternatives is the wish to deposit less money as in MTN we have a bit larger minimum deposit requirement.

Here are the limits as to the deposits and the withdrawals in the website:

Minimum deposit amount via MTN – Ush 2 800
Minimum deposit amount via the rest payment methods – Ush 1 000
Minimum withdrawal amount via MTN – Ush 5 800
Minimum withdrawal amount via Visa / Mastercard debit or credit card – Ush 435 225
Minimum withdrawal amount via the rest payment methods – Ush 4 000

Here is what you need to do when you want to deposits funds in your account:

1. Enter the deposit page from the application or the website menu.
2. Press on the one payment method you want to use – for instance, MTN Uganda or Airtel Uganda
(The next steps are distinguished depending on the different payment method, we present you the steps for a deposit via MTN Uganda or Airtel Uganda)
3. Select the deposit amount you want to transfer (the minimum deposit amount for MTN Uganda is 2 800 USh and the minimum deposit for Airtel Uganda is 1 000 Ush)
4. You will be transferred to another website where you once again need to select the preferred payment method from the drop down menu
5. Press the purple button with text Pay
6. Enter your telephone number and your names and then, press Pay button once again

How to use the services provided in 1xBet Uganda via SMS messages?

Unfortunately, this bookmaker doesn’t offer the SMS betting option in our country.

This means that the only way to place bets via your phone is by using the mobile browser website version or 1xBet Uganda mobile app you are going to meet a bit below in this review.

Sport betting

Betting markets and rate of the odds in 1xBet Uganda

As we have already mentioned it the core of 1xBet operations is sport betting and sport bets represent the main motive for over a million players from all around the world to choose concretely this Russian platform. During most of the bookie’s history – from the creation in 2007 year till 2012 year – there used to be only sport betting service in the page and only during the next years after 2012 year the company has started investing in creating new services.

The betting house loves mentioning that every day in its program there are more than 1 000 sport events. The truth, though, is that this number of events cannot be always reached, but in the key sport days there is really a wide range of matches to choose from. To be more specific we are talking about a 4-digit number of events and this is a record-breaking number for the betting industry in general.

By having in mind how limited the number of bet options in most of today’s Ugandan bookmakers, probably, you will get quite surprised with the event abundance in this betting website.

Besides on the conventional sport disciplines such as football and tennis, 1xBet lets you place bets on poker tournaments, triathlon tournaments, rowing, trotting, TV games, digital sports, politics and many other interesting things.

The betting platform also provides a record-breaking number of bets on football matches and only from the big European tournaments you have at your disposal up to 1 200 options to choose from. The options for the standard events from the leading leagues in Europe are nearly 1 000 and the betting operator tries to always offers at least dozens of markets even when it has to include the amateur leagues.

If there’s something more impressive that the range of the bets in this bookmaker, we can definitely point the odds here. There are very few other bookies that offer as small profit margin as 1xBet does (up to barely 1% for the top markets). Plus – these bookies are arranged for pros in betting. They do not contain any bonuses and they do not have any serious fees over the financial transactions. The odds in 1xBet Uganda are the level the odds of the sport betting websites for pros are, but meanwhile, 1xBet is still a website for betting lovers only where there’s also a 100% bonus, but on the other side, there are no fees for the deposits or the withdrawals punters make.

Live betting

During the days and the hours when the number of the sport events is the biggest one, the Russian gambling website provides us the chance to bet on more than 500 events at once and meanwhile, in this same live category you are also going to find the same number of virtual matches from different digital events.

Please, have in mind that usually the live bets are with a bit lower odds in comparison to the odds from the pre-match betting category, but it is a tendency we see in almost all bookies in the industry.

The live bets in 1xBet Uganda are placed in a very convenient and simple to be used live betting category platform located in the desktop website and everyone can reach it with an ease, while the whole list with the all live events can be found from the home page of this same Live category. It is where you are also going to receive information about each of the sport events, including live scores, the odds for the basic markets, as well as what extras per each of the matches are included – statistics, graphics, live streaming, live statistics and information as to the movements of the odds.

This service has only one weak point in this bookie and it is the fact that the live platform on the mobile app isn’t that easy to be used as it is via the desktop version. The reason we believe the Live category in the application isn’t so convenient is that here there’s no way for us to see at one place all the live events or at least one certain part of the top popular matches that take place in real time.

When you open the live betting page in the app what you have to do at first is to select the specific sport type, then – the championship – and finally to see the matches regarding these criteria. In order to see the odds, though, you need to press on the concrete event.

Yet, you can check out some of the most interesting live events from the very moment you are on the page via the home page of the application.

Extras and functions

The website made especially for 1xBet Uganda is filled in with various extras and functions and the most interesting among them are those that refer to the live betting category we have just told you about.

For instance, for almost all the live events from the European bookmaker you can get some useful information about the match progress in real time. This information includes different significant sport factors and even things like weather conditions within the sport types that are played at the outdoors.

The website offers live streaming not for all, but for many of the most interesting matches, including those from the World championships in the leading sport disciplines like football, basketball and volleyball.

Excluding the live betting experience in general, the sport fans can also use the pages for the statistics and the live scores that are offered here. In the details statistics the bookmaker provides you some helpful and elaborate information about all of the matches from the season per certain team and you are not going to see only the scores from all these matches, but also statistics about the details from these matches in order to figure it out what exactly has brought the victory for a certain team. In the statistics section we also find some data as to the contused players so you can always be aware which important players are going to be out of a certain game or match. This data, you should admit, is very significant and important when you make your prediction while placing a bet.

Casino offers in 1xBet Uganda

The games in the casino room this betting company provides are so many that we do not even plan to count them. By all means, the total number of the casino offers is more than 3 500 which is another record-breaking fact about the bookie and its awesome portfolio.

The reason why this Russian operator has at its disposal such a record-breaking number of casino games is hidden in the fact that it has a contract with a record-breaking number of casino game developers that offer their services to 1xBet.

In total, the Russian betting page has more than 60 partnership contracts signed with different developers when it comes to software-based casino games and apart of these, the gambling operator works in collaboration with more than 10 companies from the casino industry to build up the live casino content in the platform. So here in this betting house you will find an incredible variety of live casino games with a real dealer.

The cooperation with different companies from the gaming industry helps the Russian bookie to offer in its website such a big number of other gambling services like poker, backgammon, TV games, lucky chance games, fantasy league, lotteries, tote games and etc.


The places where you can play online poker in the Ugandan internet space aren’t that many and the poker room in 1xBet is one of the few options you actually have a chance to try your luck in this gambling game. It is even more curious that here you have a choice of two poker rooms. As we have already said it, the betting company is in a partnership with many software developers from the gambling industry and due to this it remains the only betting website where there are two poker rooms.

However, we cannot say that everything in the poker rooms provided by 1xBet is truly perfect as none of them can actually be compared to the poker rooms from the best websites for such games. While the casino, the sport betting section and many of the other gambling services in this betting operator are indeed some of the best or at least among the best ones in the industry, the poker room is seriously left behind by the completion. It does not offer many possibilities for a game and as a result of this weak point the punters who use it aren’t many, either. And as the keenest people in poker know, the poor traffic is as a matter of fact, the biggest problem in one online poker room, because punters simply don’t have anyone to play against.

Yet, in one of these two poker rooms, which is just called Poker, in most cases you are going to find opponents to play Texas Hold Em with on the tables with the lower blind sizes – up to 0.50 / 1 USD for the big, respectively the small blind. In this room you are also going to find a specially tailored application for both operating systems (Android and iOS) which, though, can be downloaded only via the desktop website version.

The other alternative – the poker room called Legion Poker – does not support mobile gambling mode and this is the reason it’s practically empty, with no punters, excluding the moments when the daily freeroll tournaments take place. In these tournaments punters struggle for prizes for up to 10 and 30 USD.

Virtual sports

The virtual sports in 1xBet Uganda can be classified in the group of the services that are on a very high world level. If you have ever placed a bet on virtual sports, where betting is on simulations of sport events, in other betting operators, you might have watched a simulation with fine graphics, but it’s probably not the graphics we know from the super popular digital games like FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer.

In this Russian betting website, though, you don’t just watch simulations with fantastic graphics quality that is very close to the quality from the games we have mentioned, but also have the chance to place bets on them in real time.

In other words, you simply need to enter the section where these games are locations (which is the Live section), then you choose a game – for instance, FIFA 19 – from the menu and on your screen you will see the simulated events from the game or the events you can actually place e bet on.

Besides on these two very popular football computer games, you also have a chance to bet on more than 20 other digital sports, including games that are not even from sport sphere – for instance, Counter Strike.

1xBet Uganda has also a category called Virtual sports and it’s very rich in content, too – with more than 30 games from 4 different gaming companies, but, naturally, the quality here isn’t the same. What we can point out as a strong point regarding these games is the fact that they last less – around 3-4 minutes – while one FIFA 18 match, for example, lasts at least 15 minutes. Of course, it’s an advantage when you want to see the progress of your bet faster. However, in all cases the digital games are always interesting and a big pleasure to be watched, while when your money is invested in them the experience becomes even more exciting.

Jackpot Toto games

If you love risky bets on sport, as well as the thrill while hoping for the big win, simply enter the category called Toto and you are going to find 7 jackpot Toto games where you can participate at the modest expense of only 200 – 2 000 USh while the jackpots, on the other side, can reach more than 1 500 000 000 USh!

Three of the Toto games include football matches with predictions in the 1 X 2 market and in one of them you need to predict the correct score of the football matches, while in the rest of the games your goal is to make predictions on simulated matches from FIFA game, as well as in basketball and ice hockey events.

One of the games that include predictions in 1 X 2 market is even free of charge and you can join it every day hoping to win bonus points. Later, these bonus points can be exchanged to the right to participate in different bookie’s promotions so it does worth it to give them a try at least once per day by making some kinds of predictions. When you don’t have enough time you can simply press on the button called Random Selection. This button is going to mark randomly any prediction for each of the matches. The function is, by the way, available in the rest Toto games, too.

Lottery games

This betting house offers not one, but three sections with lottery games.


This section gives us an access to some of the most popular lotteries in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. The principle in all of them is the same and it’s always that simple: you just mark the numbers and click on the button called Buy with which you buy the betslip.

In the page of each of the lotteries you are going to find some curious information, as well as a table with the eventual profits. For example, in the page of the biggest European lottery – Euro Millons – you will learn that here the biggest jackpot was 190 million of USD, which is equal to more than 800 billion of USh.

This section offers one game only and it’s owned by the betting company, itself. The ticket for this interesting lottery costs 2 775 Ush and there’s a new phase of the game every single dame. If the ticket has brought you nothing during the daily lottery, it’s transferred for participation in the weekly lottery. If you don’t win anything there, either, there’s also a monthly lottery, which is your third chance for a win with this same ticket.

Blockchain lottery

If you have cryptocurrencies, you can use them for buying tickets for the several games available in this section from 1xBet Uganda where the cryptocurrencies are the only ways to place e betslip at all (note that profits are paid in cryptocurrencies, too).


The depth of the offers provided by 1xBet Uganda reaches even the not so popular bingo games. There are 7 of them in this bookmaker and one of them is the popular game called Keno.

Please, have in mind that it is often when the bingo games do not work which is their only weak point.

Financial trading

If sport betting and gambling are not your strongest skills and your knowledge is more significant in the economy and financial sphere, here, in this bookie you can test your financial trading skills on the financial markets, as well.

Here is how you can participate in these games:

1. Enter the category called Financial
2. Select one of the financial markets you can place a bet on: for instance, the EUR / USD pair
3. In the page you will see graphics with the movement of the rate of these two currencies during the last minutes and hours and on the right side you will see certain lines that are smaller or bigger than the current rate. You can bet on the fact if in 5 minutes or 1 hour the rate is going to be Under or Over the certain line. Right next to each of the lines there are also odds you should take under considerations in order to orient in the probabilities for a certain prediction.

Bonuses and promotions in 1xBet Uganda

Offers for sport betting

The international version of 1xBet for the Ugandan sport betting lovers provide 100% up to 360 000 USh and this offer is calculated over your first deposit on the page.

According to the terms and conditions of this offer, you should make a deposit in your account and the bonus is going to be automatically calculated at an amount equal to the deposit amount. For instance, if you deposit 15 000 USh your bonus amount is going to be exactly 15 000 Ush. Eventually, you will have to “clear” it with bets at a total amount equal to the bonus amount multiplied with 5 with the condition that this clearing is required to be made with accumulated bets where there are not less than 3 selections with 1.40 + odd.

Besides this offer provided for the new customers, the Russian gambling operator also has two more weekly deposit bonuses with the same amounts and similar terms and conditions. On the other side, the punters have also at the their disposals other no-deposit bonuses such as a free bet for your birthday (in order to get one you need to fill in your birth date in Personal Profile) and the so called “accumulators of the day” that bring 10% bigger profit of the standard profit you would have gotten without the bonus and that, on the other side, isn’t low at all basically due to the bookmaker’s big odds.

Offers for casino and poker

The punters in the other gambling categories based in 1xBet Uganda page are offered with fewer promotions, but yet, such promotions are available.

One of the best offers that is combined for using in both: casino and poker provides you 30 free spinning times in the slot game called 7 Sin for each 10 USD you have earned as rakes in NL Texas Hold Em Poker cash tables within the poker category. If you are even more active in the poker and you accumulate even bigger rake, the number of the free spinning times will be bigger. For instance, you will get 150 spinning tries in case you have 50 USD in rakes and 300 times – with 100 USD in rakes.

The casino players, on the other side, can also try the cashback offer which reaches up to more than 10% for the highest levels but even when being on the first level you will have 5% of your invested money return.

Website customer experience and mobile application

This bookmaker’s website is comparatively well structured, but it doesn’t mean it is that easy enough to be used by the newbies as here you will find so many gambling services and other functions that in the beginning it’s easy to forget where exactly each thing is placed. The home page includes links to all the services and functions due to which it looks quite crowded, but once you get used to the structure you will understand that it’s convenient enough and every single product is a click away.

As to the mobile apps, you can download such on your mobile device by opening 1xBet’s website via your smartphone browser and then, by opening the application page from the bottom of the home page.

If you want to download the bookmaker’s additional apps – the poker room app and the browser for Android devices – you need to at first load the full website version as these additional applications are not shown in the mobile website version. The full version can be opened quite easily via the mobile devices and the link to this version is positioned right above the button for the apps.
When you open the full website version via your computer you are also going to find links for downloading the Java apps.

1xBet Uganda Customer Service & Support

The official number for customer support the punters registered in 1xBet Uganda can use is +256 800113251, but you can also receive some assistance via the function live chat inside the bookie’s website or application. This live chat is services in English language.

You can ask common questions as to the bookmaker’s services on this e-mail address: info-en@1xbet.com. You are also going to find several e-mail addresses you can send your specific questions regarding some concrete issues – for instance, to write to the security team, to reach the financial trading division, to get in touch with the advertising stuff and etc.