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Betway is a European bookmaker, established back in 2006 year, which has its own specially tailored version for Ugandan market. This is one of the most popular brands for sport betting in the whole world and in the Ugandan version you will be offered with sport events on ten thousand of different markets every week, live bets with dozens of matches per one single moment, a Jackpot game with prizes up to USh 1 000 000 000, as well as more than 30 casino games while the bets in this betting website can be placed either via computers and laptops, or via smartphones and tables, plus – you even have the chance to place bets via SMS messages.

Betway Group receives its basic licenses for the international market in Malta and Guernsey (a British island in La Manche) and meanwhile, it has all the necessary documents to operate in Uganda and currently has been working in the country under the license with number 002.

Due to the fact that gambling is extremely popular among the young Ugandans and more than 2/3 of them play gambling services, the Ugandan website is a priority for Betway Group. This is why the betting company has made it the richest one in gaming content among all the other African versions.

Uganda is also one of the countries where the European bookie has the biggest number of signed sponsorship contracts with local sport teams and organizations. Among all of those unities that are helped by the betting house we find many clubs from fighting sport sphere, as well as basketball and rugby teams, Ondupaka Football Club (this partnership wasn’t resumed after the end of the season 2017 / 2018), Kampala Old Boys и Pook Association of Uganda and outside of sport world Betway Uganda is a donator to hospitals and even to music events. If you watch English football, on the other side, you might have noticed that the betting operator’s logo stands on the chest zone of the team tracksuits which players from West Ham wear.

If the idea to place bets in a big and reputable European bookmaker with more than 2 million of people seems truly attractive for you, read our review of the services that Betway Uganda offers.


1. Creating and using account
1.1. Registration in Betway Uganda
1.2. How to make changes in my account?
1.3. How to make deposit and withdrawal?
1.4. Betway services via SMS messages
2. Sport betting
2.1. Betting markets and rate of odds
2.2. Live betting
2.3. Extras and functions
3. Casino offers
4. Virtual sports
5. Jackpot toto games
6. Bonuses and promotions
6.1. Your Betway Welcome Bonus
6.2. Pick the first teams to score in 4 matches to win
6.3. Betway Rewards
6.4. Refer-a-Friend
7. Mobile app download
8. Customer support conatact

Creating and using an account in Betway Uganda

Registration in Betway Uganda

In Betway Uganda you can register by filling in only three fields:

      • Telephone number
      • Password
      • Email address – This field isn’t mandatory, but it is in your interest to fill it in in order to receive information about the current top offers made by the bookie.

The only think you need to do to start your betting activity is to press on Betway Sign up button which is located right next to login buttons and in a popped-up window you will see registration form with the three fields we have already named you. Right after filling them in you will be automatically transferred to your newly created account without even the necessity to make any confirmations via SMS message or an e-mail message.

How to make changes in my account?

You can add additional personal data such an e-mail (if you haven’t entered it during the registration) and two names, which might be necessary when making an order for a withdrawal, from “Menu“ -> “My Account“-> “Update Details“.

Please, have in mind, though, that this betting page doesn’t let you change your telephone number which makes the process of entering your mobile phone number during your registration very important especially when it comes to avoiding mistakes.

From the same page – Update Details – you can also make changes in your Account Settings, including to enable or disable the function Instant Bet, as well as the one for automatic acceptance of the changes in the odds, as well as to establish a bet amount by default – if you always bet the same amount of money, this option will save you time every time you need to enter a certain amount of money when placing a bet.

From the menu My Account you will see a link for the page Manage Password. This is where you can change your password, but we need to mark, though, that here the process isn’t as easy as it is in the rest of the pages. Plus – it does not include only the step for entering your old password and choosing a new one.

If you wish to change your password, you will be sent a specially tailored Reset Code on your mobile phone. You need to enter this code the moment you find out your new password. Betway Uganda has added this additional step in the sake of additional privacy security – if someone tries somehow to enter your account he or she will not be able to change your account password unless he or she is has your phone at hand at this very moment.

Making a deposit and a withdrawal in Betway Uganda

The page for making a deposit can be opened either by clicking on My Account via your computer, or by clicking on the deposit button in the mobile version or the app that always stands at the bottom side of your screen.

The deposit page itself will show the availability of different payment methods you can use, as well as the limits for them. Here is what we mean:

      • Airtel Money – deposits between USh 500 and 5 000 000
      • MTN Mobile Money – deposits between USh 500 and 5 000 000
      • Vouchers

The procedure for payment via Airtel Money and MTN Mobile Number is the same as it is in any other payment via the systems these two mobile operators offer, so you are not going to find any difficulties when you try to fund your account. If you, though, don’t know how these two payment systems work, simply, enter the deposit page in the bookie’s betting website, then, press on the button called Deposit Money which stands next to the payment systems you prefer and you will receive some detailed guides – step by step – as to what to do (with between 7 and 9 steps to be more specific).

Depositing money via vouchers is also very simple, but it includes a visit by an agent who’s working for Betway Uganda. You need to provide him the money you want to transfer as a deposit and the agent, himself, will provide you an individual voucher code you need to enter via the button called Deposit Now.

Meanwhile, there’s a link for the page Withdrawal Funds in this same menu on the page My Account. This link lets you send money from your website account to your account in Airtel Money or MTN Mobile Number. The limits for a transaction are going to be the same as those for the deposits.

When you want to make a withdrawal you don’t have to enter the menu from your phone, but simply when being on this page you need to enter the amount of money you want to withdrawal. Also, the betting operator lets you make a withdrawal via SMS messages.

How to use services offered in Betway via SMS messages?

One of the best things we find in this European bookie is the fact that it allows us to manage our accounts, as well to place bets on matches without even having an access to internet. It is possible thanks to the service called SMS navigation among the betting company’s services. By sending only one single SMS message you can do numerous things, including the following:

      • To make a registration by sending an SMS message with text “Accept“ on this number: 6446 after which you will receive as an answer user name and password for login (automatically generated)
      • To place bets and in this case you will have to know only the GAME ID for the match you want to place a bet on
      • To make withdrawals by sending an SMS messages on this number 6446 in the following form – w#the desired amount for the withdrawal#PIN
      • To check out how much money you have available in your account by sending SMS message with text “Balance“ on this telephone number: 5446
      • To change your password by sending SMS message with text “Reset“ on this telephone number: 6446 after which you will automatically be generated a new password
      • To wish for information about the top games during the game, the next upcoming match or the entire bookie’s program. If you, though, make an order to receive the entire bookie’s program, the SMS message you will receive as an answer isn’t going to contain the entire program, but only a link where you can download it which isn’t the best option when you don’t have an access to internet.

Sport betting

Betting markets and rate of the odds in Betway Uganda

In this Maltese bookie you can place bets on:

      • Around 15 different sport types
      • More than 30 000 options for a bet per one single moment
      • More than 50 different markets per single event

Football is the main market Betway Uganda has focused its main resources and efforts and more of these up to 30 000 options for a bet you are going to observe when entering the page are offered for different football events. The football matches include many divisions from the national championships from more than 50 different countries, as well as all of the most interesting international tournaments for club and national teams.

The daily offers for a bet can be found from many other sport types, including basketball, tennis, ice hockey, handball, golf, rugby, boxing, snooker, American football, moto sports, baseball, balls, volleyball, darts, cricket, table tennis and MMA, but frankly, football and at some point tennis are the only sport types where the bookmaker’s range of bets corresponds to the level of the range of bets Betway’s European colleagues offer.

Last, but not least, we should mention the odds this betting operator offers. They are some of the best and the highest ones, even though, not fully the best ones on the world market. For certain markets, though, here you will get the best odd ever. For instance, in this betting website you will have at your disposal really great odds for X market which is the bet for a draw, a bet that isn’t so profitable in the rest of the bookies on the market.

Live betting

What makes us a really strong impression here is the live betting category Betway ug offers. These live bets are extremely detailed and rich in content, so even when there are no events from the biggest championships or tournaments, the company will offer you at least 10-20 events from a lower level. For instance, here in this platform you can bet in championships such as the youth league for players up to 20 years old in Australia, all of the tournaments from the least level in tennis (we mean the tournaments from ITF series), the second division basketball or volleyball leagues and many more.

Extras and functions

For almost each of the events from Live category in this betting page you will be shown with statistics and graphics in real time. They are provided by Sportradar (a part from Betradar Company). These statistics embrace everything useful for your betting experience. For instance, if you love placing bets on tennis events, you will get detailed information for the assess, double mistakes, the won points for the first or the second service, % won services, the won games and the points from the services. The statistics, by the way, are also available for the pre-match betting activity.

Statistics are also offered for pre-match betting events. They include the following data:

      • How many goals averagely the host scores in its host events and how many goals the guest scores in its guest matches
      • How many goals averagely the host and the guest have scored within the matches between each other
      • What were the final outcomes in the last 5 events between the host and the guest in a chronological order
      • What were the final outcomes in the last 5 matches between the host and the guest within the championship
      • Interesting tendencies and series (for instance, Team X is within a series of 4 wins in a row)

Placing an automatic bet is another important and useful function when it comes to saving time during the betting activity in this Maltese bookmaker.

Excluding the detailed statistics provided by one of the best companies for sport analyses, as well as the automatic bet function, the extras and the functions in this gambling operator are not as many as we wish them to be.

First of all, Betway Uganda isn’t among those websites that own live streaming service in its list of extras and this function has become more and more popular among the rest bookies these days.

What we also miss in this gambling platform is the possibility to add leagues and matches in Favourites which is very useful for the live betting category.

In addition to these, this betting page is one of the few websites where the function for cash out isn’t available yet.

Casino offers in Betway Uganda

The Betway Casino category in this gambling website offers more than 30 games. They are made by Microgaming and include video poker, table games and slots.

The biggest part of all the casino games in this gambling platform is represented by the slot games. Here they are minimum 20 and include articles which might be very interesting to any slot game fan – for instance, Mega Money Multiplier, King of Cash and Age of Discovery.

As a matter of fact, it’s hard to believe that you might be disappointed by any of the games provided by Betway Uganda in this category, because they are all developed by first-class companies with high reputation in the gaming sphere. By the way, this goes with the same power as to all of the 6 available table games (there are 3 blackjack and 3 roulette games in this group), as well as the two games that fall into the category called Video Poker.

If you want to have fun with the casino games, but do not wish to risk your money, the company lets you play a free game. This function is unlocked for any user – even if not registered in the page. The casino category also offers one function we miss in the sport betting category – the function to mark games in Favorites. When you use this function for a game you will have it alongside with all marked games in one category.

All of these functions are not offered in the other category where we are also provided with the chance to bet on lucky games – Betgames category – but the functions here have their own strong points. And one of the best things among them is the live streaming of the games.

By having in mind the lack of the live streaming function in the live casino games, the games in this category represent the only products in Betway Uganda with such an extra. Speaking of which, once you enter this category you will have the following options for a bet ahead of you:

      • Three games form the Lucky series where you watch how the numbers are drown and where you can place a bet as to what the numbers will be
      • Dice and Dice Duel where you observe the drawing, too, but here there are dices. You are free to place a bet as to what the numbers the dices will show
      • Lucky fortune wheel game where you place a bet on the position the clapper will stop

The games from both of these categories –Casino and Betgames – are available in the website non-stop. As to the animated games from the Casino category it’s by default, but what has truly impressed us here is the fact that the live streaming of the drawing / spinning of the wheel / throwing the dice does not stop round the whole day. In other words, there’s a new drawing, spinning or dice throwing any next 3-4 minutes and it’s performed not by machines, but by people.

Virtual sports

The virtual sports represent one more 24/7 alternative for sport betting. When you want to place a bet and you want its final outcome to become clear as soon as possible, but you don’t see any profitable options on the live betting platform, simply enter this category and you’ll be able to place a bet on virtual match from the world of football or basketball (as well as horse racing or hounds). Note that such a match lasts less than 5 minutes. How does it work? It’s just the visualizations of the matches show us the most interesting moments in them and thus, the duration of the event is shortened sharply allowing us to get a fast idea as to what would be our eventual profit and to get enough time to focus on the next match to place a bet on. By the way, the next match always starts right after the previous one.

Besides the fact that the virtual sports in this betting house are literally going all the time on the website, the also offer us several matches per sport type at once. When we gather all the events from all the sport disciplines we can place a bet on at a certain moment, we see that they are more than 20!

And by having in mind that there are at least 10 different possibilities for a bet for each event, we can conclude that we can choose from more than 200 options at every single moment!

If we should look for any weak point in the virtual sports provided by Betway Uganda we should mention the quality of the visualization. It isn’t high at all – especially when we watch it via a computer and it is definitely left behind by the quality many local and international competitors offer. However, if watching it via a telephone number, though, the video quality seems to be quite better.

Jackpot Toto games

By being one of the bookies that have welcomed the biggest number of punters from Africa, Betway can afford to provide more than one single of the biggest sport jackpots in our country. Speaking of which, we talk about jackpots that have reached the record-breaking amount of 1 milliard of Ush.

This amazing prize can be won via the Toto game called The Collosus if you succeed in guessing the correct scores in 7 football matches during the weekend.

The game called Correct Score Pick 6 is quite similar with the only difference that here we have one match less to predict (the events are 6) and a jackpot amount that is 800 million of Ush less (the top prize in this game is around 200 000 000 Ush).

The third Toto game in Betway Uganda is with a jackpot amount of 125 million of Ush. This amount is offered to the punter who succeeds in guessing the final outcome in the 1 X 2 market in 15 football matches.

All of these games with predictions provide one edition per week and we need to pay 2 000 Ush for a standard betslip that offers one prediction per match in order to hope to win the big jackpot.

Bonuses and promotions in Betway Uganda

Currently, this bookmaker offers 4 bonuses and the main focus in its bonus system is in the bonuses for the sport betting activity.

Here are the bonuses, as well as their terms and conditions:

Your Betway Welcome Bonus

As a new customer in Betway Uganda you have the right to place a free bet without spending even 1 Ush from your account balance. The amount of this free bet depends on the amount of your initial deposit. To be more specific, the free bet amount is equal to your first deposit amount with a limit up to 200 000 USh.

The turnover of this bonus is only for 1 x the amount of the bonus at an odd of at least 1.80. In other words, these terms and conditions for playing a bonus amount are the most profitable ones among all the bookies in Uganda these days.

Please, have in mind that the offer refers for the customers who have registered after 8 of August 2018 year.

Pick the first teams to score in 4 matches to win

This promotion is practically a free game where you need to predict who’s going to be the first team with a goal in during the certain round in the 4 of the most significant English divisions:

      • Premium league
      • Championship
      • First league
      • Second league

The jackpot you can win if you predict the first team with a score correctly in the four divisions is at an amount of 25 000 000 USH.

This free game takes place within every round in the English championships.

Betway Rewards

This isn’t exactly a bonus in the traditional meaning of the word. Practically, it is a loyalty program that aims to reward those punters who often visit the betting house’s page and often place bets here. As a part of this program, you are going to receive a bonus which depends on two main things:

How often you place bets (this criterion isn’t calculated as an amount of all the bets you have placed, but as a number of the days you have shown an activity – the more days you place bets, the bigger your reward will be)
What odds you place bets on (the higher odds your bets are placed on, the bigger % of the bets will be return to you)


Enter in this bookie’s partnership shoes for a moment by attracting new customers for it. You can do so by sending invitations to your friends who need to register in the page and in return you can get a free bet at an amount of 1 000 Ush.

For this purpose, you should at first have a registration, of course, and to have registered a deposit at an amount of at least 1 000 Ush.

Then, you need to complete the following steps in order to get the free bet:

      • 1. You need to enter your friend’s telephone number
      • 2. This person needs to register via the promotional code he or she will receive via SMS message
      • 3. This same person needs to make a deposit and a bet at an amount of at least 1 000 Ush
      • 4.You get your free bet!

Website customer experience and mobile app

As a whole, we cannot say that Betway’s website for Uganda is the most beautiful one in the world. The betting company has put most of its efforts into the goal to make it practical by establishing a platform which loads fast and where everything is arranged conveniently for the punter. Regarding this we can definitely say that functionality has won over the beautiful design and personally to us, this is quite fine for the customers.

One of the reasons this betting page has been made in such a simple and modest way is to make it possible to transfer it at a full value on a mobile platform so the mobile punters will not be deprived by anything from the desktop version. To be more specific, the mobile customers aren’t deprived of almost anything, because there’s something small that we cannot, though, find here and it’s a small part of the virtual sports available in the desktop version. You can bet on virtual football, tennis and basketball, but you are not going to have any access to the virtual horse racing or hounds via your mobile device.

In the mobile platforms provided by Betway Uganda we have one very convenient button called Search which is located in the bottom left corner. It helps us find any match in a second.

The bookmaker’s mobile platforms are two and they are a mobile version of the page and a mobile app. Practically, the visual difference between them is none, but yet, we still recommend you to download the app, because it’s faster and meanwhile, it uses less mobile internet data. Of course, in order to download the app, your device must be compatible to it – or in other words, it should run on either Android, or iOS.

Betway Uganda Customer Service and Support

Betway Uganda offers the modest How To page where the basic process in the page are described – how to register, how to make a deposit, how to make a withdrawal, how to place a bet and how to place SMS bets.

For all of the rest questions you might have, contact the customer support team, which is with the following working time every day: 07:30 till 21:00 excluding the national holidays when the working time is: 09:00 till 18:00.

As you will see when you open the page Contact Us, this gambling operator offers you 10 different ways to reach its customer support team:

      • Chat with the live support
      • A phone call on this number: +256 77 871 8418
      • A phone call on this number: +256 77 871 8321
      • A phone call on this number: +256 77 871 8256
      • A free phone call on this Airtel number: 0800 300 006
      • WhatsApp number +256 78 596 8277
      • E-mail – Support@betway.ug
      • Facebook – /BetwayUganda
      • Tweeter – @Betway_UG
      • Contact Form

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