Bet365 Bingo

Bet365 is one of the best bingo sites in the Indonesia, easily accessible to all players. offers incredible bonus packages for new members each as , Bet365 Bingo, Bet365 Poker Games, Bet365 Sports, and Bet365 Casino. Bingo games are played in several versions in 14 different rooms.

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Bingo with 75 balls:

This is the most popular Bingo Game – the numbers are associated with the letters in the word BINGO. – 25 numbers on bingo ticket 5×5; Free Bingo Numbers – 24 numbers on the ticket 5×5 with free numbers in the center; Daub-All – 75 or 72 numbers on 5×5 fields.

Bingo with 90 balls:

This game is most familiar in Britain. Besides different type of tickets of Bingo with 75 balls, here is a characteristic distribution of three rounds and three profits. You can buy Cards in a set of 6 (3×9) tickets. Each card contains 15 numbers and 15 “free” numbers.
Each set contains all the numbers from 1-90, which are not repeated. The numbers 1-90 comes out.

Bingo with 80 balls:

4×4 tickets containing 16 fields, without any empty “free” numbers.
Comes out 80 numbers. The numbers are further highlighted in red, yellow, blue and gray.
The same rules of play, as well as Bingo 75 balls.