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Betting bonus types

Betting bonus types

Betting world is too large to get familiar with it in a flash of a second. On the contrary, you will need some time to get used to its rules, terms and conditions, specifications and special features. Meanwhile, there are some basic terms, as well as conditions and statements in betting, you will need to be aware of, before making a start in betting experience. Some of these special and common terms are the betting bonus types. How many bonuses have you heard about? And how many bonuses do you know with their individual specifications? Also, have tried all of these bonuses and can you actually get a fast idea of what bonuses to try is worth it? We would like to give you few explanations – simple and short – of the most common betting bonuses. Read and get the slight idea of each of them. Who knows, maybe, the next bonus you will be offered in a sportsbook or gambling web site with poker rooms and casino games, is some of these bonuses? And you still do not any idea what it is about…

A welcoming bonus is a bonus (usually a code for free bet or free deposit) you receive, when you become a new member in a web site. This means you cannot be offered with this bonus more than once in one particular betting web site. The pack of free bets is a kind of a welcoming bonus.

A cash back deposit is a bonus, which refers to all the personal bonuses. This one is specially tailored for loyal clients, who make so many deposits (or deposit so high amounts of money) that at some point of the game, they receive part of the lost money.

A reloading bonus gives a chance for a customer to reload with more money, when he makes a deposit. It means he gives X money, but he receives X + Y money and Y is the reloaded bonus!